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So let's say you found a vehicle that you like and it passes the used car inspection now what well the first thing on your mind is probably the price there are two types of prices you should know wholesale versus retail the wholesale value is what a dealer will buy cars for and the retail values will they'll sell it for the price depends on who you buy your vehicle from buying a vehicle at auction is generally the cheapest but most risky as you can't check the vehicle thoroughly before you buy buying privately will cost you somewhere between retail and wholesale but it will yield a potential chunk of savings a used car dealer will generally sell their cars just below retail price mostly because their vehicles aren't always the best of shape or have low mileage finally a new car dealer selling used cars will usually have the highest price because they generally keep the best leased returns for resale they also make more money off of a used car than a new car check the ownership of the car to make sure the information matches the vehicle also check to the seller's a registered owner of the car selling a car not in your own name is called kerb sighting and you should run far away from these sales make sure it's not branded it doesn't have a salvage rebuild or flooded title this means that the car was in a major accident and the insurance declared it a total loss purchase a used vehicle information report for you VIP a u v p-- will tell you basic information about the car such as the make model and the vent it'll also tell you how many past owners the car has had if it's changed hand many times it could be a lemon the report will also give you an insight onto the odometer history the you of it will tell you if there's any liens registered on the car buying a car with a lien means that you'll be responsible for somebody else's debt the wholesale and retail value is also given to give you an idea of what you should be paying for the car as well as how much you'll be paying taxes upon never trust a car poofer CARFAX report to solely determine vehicles in an accident a lot of accidents don't get reported in the cars often taken to a body shops to be cheaply repaired as a quick cash job therefore it's really important to inspect the vehicle thoroughly use a car proof report to determine the extent of the damage when it occurred as well as to verify the odometer readings be aware of falsified car proof reports common with shady used car dealers that try to pass off the car is clean if in doubt buy your own report as accident history could be used as negotiating tool discussing price it's always good to see records that a vehicle was maintained regularly this tells you that the owner cared for the car and wanted to resell it at some point a lack of maintenance could cause major powertrain problems down the road if the vehicle looked beat up and the engine bay is dirty it tells you the type of owner that had it before in general smaller cheap economy cars...