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USED CAR SALE AGREEMENT Seller Details Full Name: Address: Postcode: Phone Number: Buyer Details Full Name: Address: Postcode: Phone Number: Vehicle Details Make: Model: Year: Color: License Plate
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that I have read and consider the Seller Terms and Conditions (as set out in the Sellers User Agreement); I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the contents of the User Agreement relating to this vehicle and the sale of these vehicles; and I agree to be bound (and have been at all times a true and bona fide purchaser of a vehicle by virtue of having, without delay, made full payment of the purchase price of the car or motorcycles to the seller as disclosed in the Seller User Agreement, on the day and date that the Seller User Agreement is delivered to me, or such other later date as is agreed with the seller, and) by this agreement which I have, without limitation, in my name, executed this _______________________ Day (in UK currency) or, if the agreed day is the Friday before a bank holiday, the Friday following the bank holiday (in UK currency), and, I understand the buyer shall be required to attend the auction sale at the auction site provided by the auctioneers and in a reasonable time; I have no objections to the sale of the specified car or motorcycle (whether the buyer is buying on or after or before 12 June 2015). Page 2 of 2 I agree, being responsible for all costs, charges, commissions, charges and expenses relating to the sale of the car or motorcycles to the seller under the conditions hereof, whether arising from (i) failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the Sellers User Agreement (including any terms and conditions in any other user rights agreement which the buyer has with the seller); (ii) a failure by the seller to make the car available for inspection at the auction site prior to the auction sale; (iii) any other claim or dispute. I hereby acknowledge that the terms and conditions of the Seller User Agreement do not affect the seller's right to reject any bid from the buyer; the price paid for the car is the highest price the seller can accept for the car and whether or not the buyer bids, the seller shall be entitled to charge such buyer's credit card a late charge of 0.5% per day, payable every 24 hours, as set out in the "Charging Buyer's Credit Card" table in the Seller's User Agreement, until the hammer falls and the car is sold. I confirm that I understand, and can meet the obligations of a buyer under the Sellers User Agreement; I further confirm that, if I have purchased a car on behalf of someone else, that I have notified that person that such car was purchased on their
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